There are lots of reasons someone might need to sell their home fast. Most times, it's to avoid a negative outcome of an impending deadline, such as the home being set to be foreclosed on within 30 to 60 days. There's a difference between wanting to sell your home fast vs. needing to sell it fast. If you want to sell fast, head here. If you need to sell fast, keep reading.

Look, we know everyone knows a real estate agent. However, time-sensitive sales are a special breed, and you need to ensure that you're using an agent that understands the entirety of the situation and who is experienced with handling it. Time-sensitive sales are one of our specialties.

We can get your home on the market within 72 hours of the listing agreement being signed. We list it as-is (which is real estate code for the seller is not willing to make any repairs) and we help you price it competitively. We protect the confidentiality of your situation at all times.

If the primary buyer market for the home is investors, we know how to handle them and can help you avoid ending up in a contract that will waste your time or put you at risk of not closing before your needed deadline.

What We'll Need From You

There are three basic "musts" to selling your home fast on the open market that we will need your cooperation in.


We will need to post pictures of both the inside and the outside of the home online. If we post exterior pictures only, it can weaken the speed at which you will sell.


We will need you to allow every showing requested. We understand that there are times when you might prefer not to have to show the home, and we can work around some minor availability issues. However, for the most part, refusing showings means potentially lowering the number of offers your home may receive.


You'll need to understand that while we won't be suggesting a listing price that is severely below market value, you will need to be priced as a "deal" to entice people to move fast on making an offer. However, the listing price we suggest will always be one we feel is fair to you as a homeowner. However, the general rule of thumb is that the closer you are to the foreclosure deadline, the more of a discount you'll need to offer. Deciding to list quickly once the foreclosure process has started can add thousands or even tens of thousands to the amount you can walk away with.

We'll even give you a backup cash offer

Before we list the home, we give you a cash backup offer for the home. If we can't sell the home at a price to net you more than our cash backup offer, or if the buyer bails for some reason before closing, you can take a little stress off your shoulders knowing that we have your back, if needed, and can buy your home in cash before the deadline at that pre-determined price.

Real-life success story

A homeowner came to us needing to sell with a five-week deadline - meaning he needed to list, go under contract, and close before that five weeks passed. And he needed to sell in as-is condition and the home was in need of some substantial repairs. We had him on the market in less than 72 hours.

In the 48 hours after his home was listed on the market, he had 28 showings and received 17 offers. We shut down showings, and he picked an above asking price cash offer that included a three-week leaseback to allow him to close on the home and use the proceeds of the sale to be able to move. The buyer closed on the house 16 days after we initially listed it.

Even after paying commissions, the seller was able to walk away with about 90% of the equity he had in the home. He permitted us to share his story.

We love generating outcomes like this, and we do everything in our power to make them happen.

Do you want to discuss listing your home with us?

Call us now at 832.263.6168 or email us here. We'll be happy to come to meet with you at the house and give you our opinion of what price it could command on the open market depending on how long you have to sell, even if it's not showing ready and in need of numerous repairs.

Have less than three weeks to sell?

My investment company will be happy to make you a cash offer for your home and can typically close in less than seven business days.

Frequently Asked Questions