Brookshire (estimated population: 4,946) is the product of a true underdog story. Named after Captain Nathen Brookshire of the Texas Army, many thought there was no point in establishing a city on this land. They were proven wrong when Brookshire's fertile soil and proximity to nearby railroads made it an ideal farming community - shipping cotton, melons, pecans, and corn to Houston.

Though Brookshire is not large and does not have many schools, several businesses have set up shop in the area. Due to its rich history, there is also plenty to see, including its beautiful old buildings. Still, Brookshire is mostly a peaceful community where people can relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Brookshire Stats:

  • Average household income: $16,686
  • Number of active high schools: 1
  • Number of active junior high schools: 1
  • Number of active elementary schools: 1

Sights to see:

Waller County Museum
Kellner Townsite Historical Marker
Texas Centennial Marker

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