Located beside Richmond, Rosenberg (estimated population: 34,468) takes pride in its history and culture and offers something for everyone to enjoy. Originally settled around 1823, the city is named after Henry von Rosenberg, who developed new railroads that brought business to the locals. The rail industry only grew from there, attracting many new residents.

Rosenberg is considered a sister city to Richmond, offering a larger and busier community experience. Home to a small number of schools, the town emphasizes art, culture, and history. Historic Downtown Rosenberg is now the first and only state-designated Cultural District in Fort Bend County.

Rosenberg Stats:

  • Average household income: $22,561
  • Number of active high schools: 2
  • Number of active junior high schools: 5
  • Number of active elementary schools: 4

Sights to see:

  • Rosenberg Railroad Museum
  • Vogelsang Building
  • Another Time Soda Fountain
  • Cole Theatre
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